Product Hunt and Hustle Growth

If you have never heard of, you should probably not read this post, and you should probably delete me from LinkedIn since we do not work on the same planet.

For those of you who still want to listen to me rumbling about marketing and one of the greatest hacks I have ever seen, whether was intentional or not, keep reading.

Do what you love and f**k the rest

One marketer is controversial, disruptive, and revolutionary both in the business world and his personal life. He doesn’t live in Silicon Valley. He was not part of an IPO team. Yet he is one of the most respected growth marketers in the tech space. Noah Kagan.

When you start reading of Noah, all you can find is the “sad” story of how he was fired from Facebook... and

The power of instrumental conditioning and why should move away from it.

For those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC or Chicago, is on-demand laundry service. The app allows customers to select a pickup and drop off time from 6am to midnight.Runners, who they call “ninjas”, bring reusable bags during the selected half hour window and return 24 hours later with clothes washed and folded or dry cleaned.

To strengthen the deal, ninjas will arrive with a fresh cookie in hand with every pickup. How sweet you say. But there is something much more subtle in action. You sneaky app…